The first step to a better tomorrow

We understand it's not easy to take the first step to change, especially when that change is to create a better tomorrow. With our experience in providing financial advice, our team has helped many like you through an effective and lasting change process. Here at SAT Group, our objective is to help you identify your goals that creates life-long memories, not just to manage money.

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Taking the steps forward

We believe there are many aspects to living a full, fun and memorable life for yourself and your family, just like there are many aspects to your finance that needs to be considered. SAT Group pride ourselves on providing holistic financial advice as we believe that money is a catalyst to living the life you want sooner.

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What to expect on the journey

Throughout the years within the financial advisory industry, we have developed and continually refined an effective and efficient process in defining your requirements, discover your goals, plan out the journey and guide you through the steps together. Of course, every Client's needs are unique. Our team is trained and experienced in tailoring our services to deliver a unique experience.

Our Process

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We are with you at every step

Our team at SAT Group believe in holistic advice. We are passionate in helping our clients identify and achieve goals through a plan that focuses on the protection of their financial security and growth. We are guided by the high standards of compliance and strategy that SAT Group prides on, thus ensuring that our care for our clients are reflected to you in an ethical manner.

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About Us

SAT Group is the parent company to SAT Financial Group and SAT Home Loans.
Having over 15 years experience in the industry, SAT Group has a vast breadth of exposure within the finance and mortgage sectors, enabling our team to deliver holistic advice to our customers.
Holistic advice is something that the team at SAT Group not only believes in, but also pride ourselves on during all of our Client interactions. We are driven by passion for helping people achieve their goals, while protecting their financial security and prosperity. Our team is trained in the highest standard of strategy and compliance. Find out more about our team or contact us here.



At the core of our business is our Clients. The knowledge and skills that our team possess are most valuable when used to better your lives. To do this successfully and meaningfully, SAT Group embodies care. This is one of our core values: to care for you as our Client and to care for your goals. This ensures that our advice to you is in your best interest.


At SAT Group, we want to ensure that our advice is in your best interest. We must endeavour to understand not only your current financial situation but you as a person - as a father, as a mother, as a husband or a wife, we pride ourselves in understanding what drives you to live the life you want. Understanding who you are is an important pillar in our values. Understanding helps us to tailor the advice we provide to your specific needs.


While there are many Financial Planners in the industry whose goal is to sign Clients up to products, we actively work to break this mould for SAT Group. We are not here to simply sell, we are here to coach our Clients to become more financially aware, more financially efficient and more financially independent. Our process in taking our Clients through the Financial Journey ensures that the foundations and basics of Finance are understood whilst moving you through to financial freedom.


Investments & Property

Financial investments can be complex and challenging with numerous options, risks and considerations. Our recommendations for the right investment options are backed by extensive research. We are committed to catering to your specific circumstances and goals. Our team aims to simplify the complexities of shares, managed funds, property, term deposits, cash and bonds to help you be in control and confident in the path towards financial freedom.

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Wealth Protection

There are many facets in achieving wealth. While many will suggest insurance products as the solution, we look at all angles to ensure holistic protection for you and your family. Budgeting and Debt Management are as essential to protection as Insurance and we are experts in the industry in providing holistic Wealth Protection advice.

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Super & Retirement

Superannuation is a tax-effective savings structure designed to fund retirement. To ensure that you maximise your Super, we assess your funds, assets, insurances and contributions. While doing this, we are mindful of your goals and plans, risk tolerance, and your need to access your funds. We understand that retirement is an exciting time and while your Super may form the most significant asset, there are additional opportunities to prepare for a successful transition.

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The Knowing - your story

The first step is considered the most important in our overall process. This step sets the foundation of all the strategies and advice provided to you. In this step, our team works closely with you to fully understand and identify your current financial position.

Our team is highly thorough to ensure we are of the same understanding as you are of your finances. Through this process, we are better able to determine areas of focus, areas of maintenance, and your financial goals. We review your budget, accounts, investments, debts, and overall cashflow to identify where you are and map the path to where you want to be.

The Strategy - your path

Upon understanding your current financial position and assessing your risk tolerance, the strategy that will guide you to achieving your financial goals is determined. Our team does not stop once the strategy is presented; we are there to ensure it is implemented successfully.

It is of the utmost importance that you are aware of the details of our recommendation. For this reason, we pride ourselves on our evidence-based approach. We ensure that you are given adequate time to break down, digest and understand the strategy. We are your guide throughout this journey in achieving your financial goals.

The Learning - your coach

Whether it is to better ourselves for the ones we love or to simply lead a more fruitful life, knowledge in managing finance and keeping yourself on track to your financial goals is critical. We do not stop once a strategy is presented and implemented. While the strategy is a key step in achieving your financial goals, we need to address the core concepts of finance to ensure that you stay on track.

Here, we transition to becoming your financial coach. Our team will begin to coach you in all aspects of your financial position. We set up touch points to catch up and review to ensure you are comfortable and in control.

The Future - your control

Financial freedom is a concept that is personal to each of us. It could mean not worrying about paying the next bill or having the funds to go on that next holiday. Financial freedom changes from person to person, even from time to time, and this is why we believe that financial freedom is a personal choice that you are in control of determining. Upon completion of stages 1-3, you possess the knowledge to take control of your financial future with both hands. This does not mean we will stop our interaction as a team.

Our focus in stage four is guidance. We will guide you in this phase of your financial journey and, if required, review your current path to ensure you’re on track with your newly identified financial freedom goals.


Ashleigh Ton

Principal Financial Planner, Director

Ashleigh Ton

Ashleigh is the Principal Financial Adviser of SAT Group as well as the team's Director. Ashleigh's passion in helping others achieve a better financial position resulted from personal experience in helping others around her.

Having witnessed the effects that financial hardship can have on people, Ashleigh has built her 10+ years of experience in the industry to ensure she can effectively help others to build wealth for themselves and their loved ones.

Steven Ton

Managing Director

Steven Ton

Building his career within a top 4 firm, Steven has spent years perfecting his skills in managing and improving on business processes and value. To guide him, Steven has focused his passion of helping others by creating a Client centric culture in all businesses that he has interacted with.

As a Managing Director of SAT Group, Steven brings his depth of knowledge to the team with the goal of ensuring SAT Group's continual Client focused delivery that is in line with the SAT Group values.

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